SYEP Lead Program Coordinator

Build Relationships
Customer Focus
Ethical Conduct
Personal Credibility
Position Knowledge
Problem Solving
Essential Functions

·       Assist with the facilitation and coordination of the Program Coordinators’ and Quality Assurance Specialists’ trainings

·       Assist with troubleshooting issues that arise at the worksites, parents/guardians and Youth Participants

·       Assist with the administration and distribution of bus passes and payroll check process

·       Assist with ensuring that Youth Participants area biding by the SYEP Code of Conduct procedures as needed

·       Communicate with, support and provide direction to Youth Participants as needed

·       Provide pro-active measures to ensure positive communication and productivity and prevent escalation of incidents at worksite and programming site experiences as needed.

·       Provide meditation between Youth Participants and Worksite Supervisors as needed

·       Collect, audit and submit Youth Participants’ timesheets by deadlines as needed

·       Assist with ensuring that accurate and timely completion of daily programming site sign-in sheets occurs

·       Complete supportive services forms and distribution of weekly bus passes for Youth Participants as needed

·       Develop and maintain a professional and positive working relationship with the Worksite Supervisors and SYEP staff

·       Visit worksites to inspect conditions, confirms that Youth Participants’ job description are being adhered to. Solicit any concerns from the Worksite Supervisors and act immediately to resolve any potential conflicts or challenges

·       Troubleshoot and problem solve potential issues and concerns at worksites during worksite visits and complete SYEP Work Site Visit Reports as needed

·       Address behavioral issues that interfere with participant learning or safety, following the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures

·       Communicate with and collaborate with FamilyWorks staff for intervention when deemed necessary as stated by the Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures

·       Communicate with and collaborate with parents/guardians for youth under the age of 18 for intervention when deemed necessary as stated by the Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures

·       Address concerns expressed by Youth Participants or parents/guardians, consulting with the SYEP Program Manager when necessary

·       Assist with organizing, coordinating and facilitating Youth Participants’ Orientations and job trainings

·       Consult with SYEP Program Manager immediately upon addressing a qualified incident. Immediately contact parents and guardians upon addressing a qualified incident for youth under 18 years old. Complete and submit Incident Reports to SYEP Program Manager within 24 hours of qualified incident occurring

·       Provide facilitation support to the SYEP staff during Youth Participants’ Orientations, programming classroom time with activities and discussions as needed. Prepare copies of programming material sand set up of classroom materials as requested.

·       Facilitate Weekly Reflection Activities with Youth Participants as needed

·       Provide oversight, monitoring and coordination of breakfast, lunch and snack breaks during programming site experience

·       Encourage Youth Participants to actively engage in worksite and programming experience

·       Provide goal planning and support for Youth Participants as needed

·       Place follow-up and reminder phone calls to Youth Participants as needed. Immediately follow-up with Youth Participants(and Parents/Guardians if under 18) that do not show for scheduled programming or worksite experiences

·       Assist with ensuring that Youth Participants and Worksite Supervisors complete all program requirements and paperwork such as time sheets, surveys, assessments and the online financial literacy instructions modules. Ensure that proper and timely documentation of completion of latter activities are gathered, recorded and filed in Youth Participants’ files accordingly

·       Assist with ensuring Worksite Supervisors complete performance review for each Youth Participant by the deadline

·       Participate in staff meetings conducted by the SYEP Program Manager

·       Other duties as assigned


Skills & Experience

·       Must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher from accredited college/university OR related experience

·       Strong leadership skills and able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

·       Must be flexible and be able to adapt to change frequently

·       Must be able to pass background and drug screening

·       Must possess a valid driver’s license, automobile insurance and reliable automobile

·       Must possess an operable cell phone (at all times) that will be used to contact SYEP staff, Worksite Supervisors and parents/guardians of youth under 18 years old

·       Must have superior leadership skills and a genuine interest in providing positive support and mentoring to Youth Participants

·       Preferred experience working with youth (ages16-24), including marginalized, at risk and vulnerable populations

·       Preferred proven experience in successfully mentoring and coaching Youth Participants and provide case management services

·       Must be driven, assertive, self-motivated and able to effectively motivate the Youth Participants toward setting and achieving goals

·       Must have a “Can –Do” and positive attitude and actively work together as a team with the SYEP staff, Worksite Supervisors, parents/guardians and Youth Participants

·       Must have excellent presentation, communication and computer skills

·       Must be able to meet critical deadlines with accuracy and thoroughness

·       Must work well independently and as a team member

·       Must have communication skills that lend themselves to building effective partnerships with Worksite Supervisors

·       Must have the ability to foster strong professional relationships with SYEP staff, parents/guardians and Worksite Supervisors

Physical Demands
Hours Of Work
Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm *Evenings & Weekends as needed.
Reporting Relationships

Reports to the SYEP Program Manager and works in collaboration with the E&ES staff.

Other Duties

The PC Leader will work closely with SYEP staff to foster active youth participation during worksite and programming experiences. Will work closely with Worksite Supervisors to ensure worksite conditions and SYEP requirements are met. Will also maintain positive relationships with the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) staff and partnering agencies.

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